Used Auto Parts

Check Out Our Extensive Inventory

Check Out Our Extensive Inventory

We offer used auto parts for sale a reasonable price in Buffalo, NY

Why pay full price for a brand-new transmission or gear shift when you can pick up a used auto part for sale at a fraction of the cost? At 49 Hopkins Auto Parts of Buffalo, NY, you can find just about any part you need at an affordable price. That's because we source most of our parts from scrap vehicles. We can procure just about any part you need, and a team member will tell you how to install it in your vehicle.

Stop by today to browse our selection of used car parts for sale.

The benefits of buying used

There's no need to pay more for new parts when our used car parts for sale are:

  • Affordable
  • Fully functional
  • High-quality

Looking for a particular part? Call 716-826-7278 now to ask a member of staff if we have the right used auto part for sale.